Drag, Drop, Action and so much more

Version 6.5.0
July 25, 2018

A significant release for nubiDO, v6.5.0 contains numerous enhancements and fixes, including one of the most requested (and useful) features: Drag and Drop.   Unlike most drag and drop systems however, nubiDO's unique implementation is context aware.   That means nubiDO will highlight exactly where you can drop items and where you can't so there's never any guesswork about the workflow.   But we've gone much further than that.   We've also combined the ability to action multiple tasks with a drag gesture.   So now, there's no longer a need to press multiple buttons or keys or perform complex gestures for common operations.   You can re-order, move or action tasks, all with a simple drag.   It boosts nubiDO's ease of use to a whole new level.  

Along with the new drag and drop system, here are some of the new features and enhancements packed into this release:

  • The ability to re-order multiple tasks at once
  • The ability to drag tasks from one task list to another or to another project [Web, Mac]
  • The ability to drag a task list from one project to another [Web, Mac]
  • New priority and effort icons for tasks as well as an option to switch between the current metric graphic or the new icons [Web, Mac].  For Android users, you can now turn off or on the metric graphic
  • The notes and tags icon for tasks have been added for the Android version and will invoke the corresponding editor when pressed
  • The tags text panel for tasks is now actionable and will invoke the standard tag editor when pressed [Web, Mac]
  • New color coded popups [Web, Mac]
  • Smoother and higher performance animation while re-ordering rows
  • Various other UI refinements and bug fixes for a more streamlined look and feel

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