A Bold And Beautiful New Design For nubiDO

June 29, 2017

Introducing a beautiful new design for nubiDO, now even more visually appealing and streamlined than ever before. While you won't notice any radical changes in the workflow, there have been a host of small updates included in the new version which add up to deliver the best nubiDO experience to date. It's uncluttered and distraction-free so you can focus on the job at hand: getting things done.

A Bold And Beautiful New Design For nubiDO

What's changed:

We've merged the Dashboard and Workspace together so all of your core Lists and Projects are immediately accessible and visible.

The task editor has been beautifully re-designed and now requires less clicks for common actions.

We've fixed a few pesky bugs with the keyboard shortcuts for task actions. The shortcuts are now more natural and reactive. The list level task shortcuts such as "Auto-Organize" and "Select All Tasks" no longer require the task list to be in focus in order to be invoked.

There are several new and pleasing animations across the application.

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